School: Bishop White Seminary

Year of Study: Philosophy II

Home City: Walla Walla, WA

Home Parish: St. Patrick

What are your interests and hobbies?

If the activity can be followed by the word “game” I am probably for it. As such I love sports games and board games, video games, especially ultimate frisbee, hockey, snowboarding, football, and cycling.

Who is your favorite saint and why?

My favorite saint is St. Sebastian. I like St. Sebastian so much because he did what was right no matter the personal cost to himself was going to be. The story goes that he warned a Roman emperor that his ways were wrong and for it was tied to a post and shot full of arrows. After this he was taken down and miraculously healed that night. The next day he returned to continue to preach to the king and was beat to death. His fortitude inspires me to be a better man and to stand for what is right even when its hard.

When did you first started thinking about being a priest? What made you move forward to pursue this vocation?

I started thinking about being a priest in my sophomore year of high school but I don’t think I ever seriously thought about it until my senior year of high school. What really changed in those years was my interactions with priests. I got the opportunity to live with monks at a Benedictine monastery and get my high school education from them. After living with priests and getting to know them as real people and friends I started to see the beauty of the priesthood. Through my prayer and friendship with those priests I decided to apply to the seminary.

What do you look forward to most about being a priest?

I look forward to changing lives. Some of the greatest joys in my life so far is when I know I have impacted someone’s life which is something a priest does every day through not only the Mass but through his words. I cannot wait to hear confessions or give spiritual direction and help participate in some small way conveying God’s love and mercy.

What advice would you give to other guys who are discerning the priesthood?

God calls and it really can be terrifying. The biggest advice I can give someone thinking about priesthood is to ask yourself if you are willing to be a priest if that is what God wants. If you are willing to trust Him, even in the midst of uncertainty, you will find peace, and you will be much better off. I was in prayer and I said, “God I am not sure if I am called to be a priest but I think you want me to do so, and I am willing to do it if it is your will.” I can’t believe how freeing that was for me.  After I said I would do it if He wanted me to I felt peace and joining seminary became much easier.