School: St. Patrick Seminary (Menlo Park, CA)

Year of Study: Theology I

Home City: Spokane, WA

Home Parish: St. Paschal Parish (Spokane)

What are your interests and hobbies?

Fishing is a big hobby of mine.  A long with fishing, I enjoy smoking the fish.  Additionally, I like cooking, trying new recipes.  Growing up there were a lot of card games, with Yahoo being one the family’s main staples. One of the priests introduced me to Settlers of Cataan, which is a current favorite. In the winter, I like to ski and go sledding.

Who is your favorite saint and why?

One of my Favorite saints is Padre Pio.  My grandmother had a devotion to him.  Additionally, his love for Jesus and his “spiritual children” are traits that I admire.

When did you first start thinking about being a priest? What made you move forward to pursue this vocation?

I first remember thinking about becoming a priest while praying in front of the tabernacle years ago.  Since I was a single father at the time I laughed it off.  However, a few more years passed and the thought of becoming a priest was still on my heart.  So, I went to talk with the Vocation Director at the time.  He advised me to keep praying, support my children and live a sacramental life.  If after the children were grown, and the desire to be a priest was still in my heart, then I should come see him.

What do you look forward to most about being a priest?

After my youngest child graduated and went to explore the world, the impression to become a priest was still present. It is a desire to serve Christ, His Church and my fellow brothers and sisters that led me to the seminary.

What advice would you give to other guys who are discerning the priesthood?

The advice I would give is continue to live a sacramental life, ask Christ in prayer to open you up to the vocation He wants for you, and to go and talk with the Vocation Director.  There are many great men in the seminaries, and many more wonderful priests. Trust in the Lord and He will guide you.